Let me connect a couple dots for you good people, if you don't mind. The Biden Administration this week ordered a stand-down of our military to "root out right wing extremism." Now bearing in mind they have labelled all Trump supporters as extremists, this means anyone to the right of Lenin. Why would they do that, I mean really? Why would they take active steps to reform our military strictly along party lines with only ideologically pure leftists in uniform? Because they are quite certain they won't balk at orders to engage and kill the "extremists" among the American public. Meaning us, of course. They wouldn't be quite so sure with actual Patriots in uniform. At the same time, they are advancing legislation to destroy your Second Amendment rights to bear arms. This isn't coincidental, obviously, they need to make sure they can destroy you and your family with a minimum of effort. You think it is just happenstance that this is the week that MSNBC began warming their viewers up to the idea of drone strikes across the Heartland to kill (yes you know what is coming here...) "extremists?" The Nazis who now control our government will begin killing any dissenters before the next winter. Ready to fight yet?