Tell me Ryan, would you be one of those granted a license, or would you be content to being told to shut the fuck up and shoved into the corner? Also, this whole screed is mind-numbingly pedantic. "Freedom of speech never covered recording and/or distributing" <--- Weapons grade dipshittery.
Anyone who thinks outlawing social media infringes on free speech clearly thinks this country was founded in 2004. Newsflash: it wasn’t. Also, you’re not actually speaking. So it would be free press, not free speech, and the press has always been held to a higher standard. If they fuck up, they can lose their broadcast rights. It’s probably a good idea to hold the general public to that standard, too, given that our behavior online is causing a war in America. Again, anyone who thinks that infringes on free speech really doesn’t have a clue. Freedom of speech never covered recording and/or distributing. Since NO ONE on the Internet will EVER stop whining and bitching no matter what anyone does or doesn’t do to help them, I met as well accept that. As such, I, for one, hope that social media access is mostly erased. It’s really a big problem. Millions of people misuse it. Those millions should be banned from speaking on it. You can speak, but without a license to distribute, you can’t. So let’s use broadcast licensing rules to clamp down on people who abuse each other online.