the book of Enoch ! I’m gifted my whole life ! Unexplained gifts I don’t talk about but These is Interesting! These would explain why before I was born the government knew blood times don’t multiple like the new version of the Bible says ! My bloodline from my mother could mix with my father without my mom taken a shot so she would kill me in the womb ! These explain a lot too me and my gifts I have from my moms dna ! My family jokes about me and my moms gifts calls us witches because the don’t understand the gifts we have ! My mom has rare blood 🩸 type that can’t mix with a lot blood types ! These help me understand a lot why my mom had too take shot and how the government knew these ! Had them store too be used on mother’s that have the blood time ! So I could be born ! I’m a hyrd bred the government been hiding from all of us ! I’m thankful too be alive have my gifts ! Hope y’all enjoy the video of Enoch too !