42 seconds ago Nope. Not just the people you are smearing with your racist trope. After the DNC governors and politicians crippled local independent businesses, then spat in the face of 75 million Trump voters and 88 million Twitter followers, now Biden says he and vice president Harris “Want to get the economy going again.” All that stuff people hoarded for the pandemic has already creates a weakness for the Biden regime. Help it along. The consumer economy is 70% of economic activity. Trump supporters and patriots should quickly buy as much as they can afford for the two years before the midterms, or, if they are hardcore, all four years. As soon as practical, Buy Nothing, except perishable food, for cash, in the remaining smaller family owned stores crippled by Democratic lockdowns designed to destroy Trump and to benefit their big corporate donors. Vote with your dollars because more than ever, it's your only vote that counts. Do your part to bring on the BIDEN~HARRIS DEPRESSION to destroy the regime. The money you spent earlier will earn high returns as the fed induced inflation raises prices of what you no longer need to buy, or cannot obtain, from supply chain breakages, lockdowns from a “new virus” or "National emergency." The worse the Biden economy is, the less likelihood of Democrats winning midterms, or any future election. Here's the key paragraph, reduced to 280 characters one can copy and tweet if you like the idea. After February Buy Nothing except perishable food, for cash, in small businesses crippled by Democratic lockdowns benefitting big DNC corporate donors. Bring on the BIDEN~HARRIS DEPRESSION to destroy them and lessen the chances of Democrats winning midterms, or any future election. ===== More personal choice economic warfare: Look up large Biden or Harris donors by your z*p code: https://www.opensecrets.org/elections-overview/donor-demographics?cycle=2020 Check their names online at the fictitious business name listing at your local County Recorders office. Boycott the crap out of their businesses. Don't forget Yelp, Travel Advisor, NextDoor and other ways to "review" the businesses. Take note of local advertisers on your Facebook or other censored social media, then contact them and urge them to stop wasting their ad money there. Remind all your friends to do the same. One negative review is more powerful than ten good ones. Source: https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/why-are-so-many-americans-stockpiling-guns-silver-food-right-now