I just noticed that when searching posts based on hashtags, the resulted posts may not contain those tags, but instead contain words that match that tags - but semantically may have nothing to do with those hashtags. For example, searching latest posts with tag #woke (referring mostly to social justice ideology) minds system does fetch different posts containing the word "woke" (and not explicitly the hastag itself) referring to irrelevant things like the past tense of waking up in the morning. This is semantically completely wrong and actually buzz our searches with irrelevant things - breaking down one of the most important things of Minds (at least for me): the use of hashtags searching (which are correctly limited to 5 per post, getting more value that way)! To this end, I believe it would be more proper when we search based on hashtags to get only results containing those hashtags. If we are not using hashtags then to get results with matched both words and hashtags. Please consider it as a fix.