Minds is screwed. We are hosted on Amazon servers which means we can be cut from the internet at anytime. We are on the Google Play Store which means we have to abide by Google censorship or be deplatformed. Not Aptoide but please download the APK from the website because we are cucks who refuse to fight it's just too hard. We have to cowtow to Google because we don't believe in the free market so please download our cuck app on Google. Somehow the website beats apps? Dumbasses. Give me a break with this. With the current direction Minds is not a viable source for free speech. They lie to us and none of you has the reach you think you do. It used to be a free speech source but check the 'new rules' the are not in any sense but no one can be. Minds is the closest thing we have and it sucks. You keep us on Google Play because... members! Fuck that. 50% of those idiots hate you and you agree with them! What does that tell you? You want to contradict this @ottman? You can't. You keep us on Google Play because why? Members? You fucking slut. I hate that. Why should I and thousands of others not go to Gab? Seriously you have to have been thinking about this. Give us one reason. If not then why shouldn't we all open Gab accounts?