One thing that I dislike about the 'big tech style' is the same things I hate about the bean mouth/Cal Arts style and that's it's built not so much on a foundation of creativity but is built to be as inoffensive as possible. It's why in the end, everyone looks the same with no real variety, especially in bodies. In the corperate vectors, both men and women have the same oversized BLOCKY bodies, everything is straight up and down. Only a few of these styles allow for differences in body types between various characters that can VARY but still hold onto the style without looking too out of place. It takes the use of limitation but instead of doing something creative with it, it copies itself from one thing to the next and it blends in. This is the same thing that hinders the bean mouth style. It loses it's stylization when people insist that certain things can and can not be done and hinder experimentation with it. That's why I still like the look of Scott Pilgrim, the thing that people say was the real source for it, but despise with a passion Steven Universe and every show that follows it's 'rules'. People tend to forget that Bryan's look changed throughout the course of writing the series and compared to book one to the last, it got much better. While the art in the first book of SP isn't 'bad' there's just something not so....noticeable about it. It's still Bryan's work but the cleaner but still fun looking look of the final book set it in it's place finally. Bryan has a style but the imitators have more 'steps' and they're steps that actually HINDER artists more than encourage them. You CAN'T draw bodies your own way otherwise 'offensive', you can only use certain colors because 'reasons', you can't use shadows, varying line widths, ect ect ect. Art Deco was a great style because it had a foundation but artists were still allowed to make the choice THEMSELVES on how to use it which is how we get artists who are remembered for their unique take and usage of it. This goes the same for Bryan and Scott Pilgrim. He had a lot of inspiration from other sources and branched and continued to work on his own style before coming to what he felt was the right look. Big Tech and Bean Mouth are the complete opposite. You are given the minimum but are discouraged from experimenting with it to make something UNIQUE. You HAVE to follow rules in order to be 'relatable'. Personal growth and style is discouraged because it means possibly wandering from the checklist of the appointed few who feel their views should be the final say in how everything looks and what everyone consumes. Classical Deco art still had freedom. Corporate art DOES NOT.