I KNEW IT! I CALLED IT! I PREDICTED THIS!! #JohnMatze is a CINO/RINO. He never cared about REAL freedom of speech, just building his brand and ready to sell out to big tech the second he had a chance, but the other co-owners SMELT HIS BULLSHIT and kicked him out! FUCK YEAH! Makes me love #PARLER even more once they come back!! "Dan Bongino said they could have brought Parler back up in a week if they ‘bent the knee’ by following Big Tech’s guidelines and the statements from the memo are false. Bongino reveals he and the other 2 co-owners are the ones who prioritized free speech in their vision. Dan said he warned and advocated for more product stability instead of Matze. It is alleged that Matze was the one who wanted to “bend the knee” to Big Tech in order to return and not pursue the same vision as Dan and the other 2 co-owners." #danbongino #bigtech #freespeech https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/dan-bongino-reveals-real-story-behind-firing-parler-ceo-story-hearing-not-correct-dont-believe-hype/