Honduran White Bat Fact #1: Nobody really knows just how long these bats reside in the wild. Researchers don’t know a lot concerning the Honduran white bat, and one of the many mysteries surrounding this creature is its life-span. Although most leaf-nosed bats within the same family members stay to become about seven years of age, there is absolutely no genuine proof to back up or debunk this theory for your Honduran white bat. The longest-resided leaf-nosed bat can live up to 18 years in the wild, so scientists guess the Honduran white bat lifestyles somewhere between 7 and 18 many years. This is just a theory, nevertheless, and there have been no significant efforts to study the lifespan of those bats. Honduran White Bat Fact #2: These bats only grow to be about 3.7 to 4.7cm long, with males becoming a little larger. Honduran white bat size doesn’t differ a lot between males and females. However, males are a little bit bigger and weightier than females, arriving at nearer to 4.7cm or slightly bigger. A male generally weighs around 6 gr, that your female evaluating slightly much less, about 5 gr. General, these little bats are extremely small, light, and easy to overlook for those who go looking for them within the wild. They do possess the unique large leaf-formed nasal area shared with their other leaf-nosed bats, nevertheless. Because of their size, this nasal area looks like it takes up most of the Honduran white bat’s face. Honduran White Bat Fact #3: These bats live under the simply leaves of the heliconia herb and then use it towards possible predators including owls and snakes. You will find 22 types of bats which use leaves to make camping tents. However, the Honduran white bat is the only person that specifically utilizes the simply leaves from the heliconia plant to do this. These leaf camping tents are generally built by females, but could be built by males. They are bitten in half from the bats and permitted to fold down in a V-form that provides the bats a safe place to roost underneath during the day. The simply leaves safeguard the bats from possible predators like snakes and owls, and also keeps them safe from the hot sunlight and heavy rains from the rainforest. HonduranWhiteBatFanatic [email protected] Lindsay M. Garner July 11, 1986 251-868-8044 UNT34438 Jezzenvylle Street Mobile, AL 36602 #SaveTheWhiteBats