To all Journalists/Whistle-blowers!

Please remind this post so that it can reach as many journalists and whistle-blowers as possible. If you are a journalist or whistle-blower trying to gain traction, feel free to contact me. I consider myself an advocate of the long-neglected concept of the Freedom Of The Press, and I will gladly give you a shout out. Independent or not, endorsed or not, I care not. The restoration of the Free Press is the utmost priority. Let the people see for themselves, and judge for themselves, with no more tricks or trifling! I ask only for your patience as it may take me some time to work around to you. If your message is urgent, I encourage you to dump it all on me at once, and I will relay it when I am able along with when I receive it. If you wish to remain anonymous, I can understand. I encourage you to make a burner account and post anyway. Be aware that I am not the most tech-savvy person, so if you feel the need to take precautions then I advise you to do so. I also understand that I am not the biggest voice available by far, but I hope to offer an additional berth of information dissemination for public consumption free of charge.