MADHOUSE ➡️ SLAUGHTERHOUSE Is there no limit to the idiocy? Apparently not. They're completely shameless--they're literally DOUBLING DOWN on the Big Lie of the "deadly virus"! This will not end well, to say the least. TIME TO REVOLT! Some Health Experts Suggest Double Masking As New Coronavirus Variants Spread -- New, more contagious variants of the coronavirus are spreading across the U.S., which has many people wondering if there's more that they can do to protect themselves and help stop that spread. One thing some public health experts suggest - double masks. . . . If you're just going out to walk the dog, you're fine with a single mask. But if you're heading to the grocery store, it's time to double-mask. And don't forget, you still need to physical distance, wash your hands, avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. It all adds up.