some questions we might ask ourselves:

how does this make me FEEL? did LEARNING this help me GROW? can i APPLY what i learned to my BEING? is this DATA, or PHILOSOPHY? will this ENHANCE our CULTURE? if i SHARE this will it HELP someone else? am i PARTICIPATING in the ECHO chamber? are we maintaining FOCUS? was that INSPIRATIONAL, or divisive? does this PROMOTE BALANCE? please take a moment to appreciate each breath, each heartbeat, each blink of our eyes. see that beyond evaluation, realization completes the circle to be accepted as knowledge. do what YOU do and be who YOU are! learn to recognize that we are here now, every moment. stay present my friends and be truthful with yourself as well as with all whomsoever you encounter. i would like to take a moment to welcome so many new channels to #Minds as well as thank those who have been here for some time. :} hopefully we can continue to grow together and move forward maintaining focus while designing and building a stronger, more conscious foundation for our legacy. don't forget to take time to appreciate the present. realize that the present is our realest gift.