Find The Conscious Resistance on Odysee/LBRY Also, LBRY CEO Jeremy Kaufman will be speaking at The Greater Reset! Decentralized Video Sharing Platform Odysee Has Almost Doubled Its Traffic Since Last Week "Odysee, a decentralized video sharing platform that’s built on the LBRY blockchain, has almost doubled its traffic since last week. In a press release, the platform wrote that since last week’s events, traffic to Odysee has grown by 80-100% and increased to around 1.4M-1.5M visitors. Odysee also noted that Silicon Valley’s censorship is contributing to “the rise of smaller social networking platforms and apps that welcome free speech and varying opinions.” Additionally, the platform predicted that its pro-free speech stance will ultimately serve as a “successor model” for the current centralized Big Tech platforms: “Odysee’s welcoming stance to creators of all beliefs and persuasions is what will ultimately help its community last and can serve as a successor model for the current big tech. Use of the blockchain helps to give some of the power and responsibility that is currently centralized in big tech back to the people instead.”