This is a repost because I obviously didn't fully understand how minds+ works. I want most of my posts to be available to everyone, even free users. I didn't understand that it blocks posts for free users I just thought it added my posts to the money pool. I'll do better in the future now that I've recognised that mistake. On top of beginning to produce video channels I am going to open up a support membership option in the near future. Some of the recent developments of the American Psychological Association are concerning to me. I have been studying psychology outside of institutions for a long time now. I attended an internship that I was offered at a local psychology practice, and I've taught meditation on and off for several years. Many groups are feeling isolated. Different groups are being treated by different standards than others. If you are a man who's experienced domestic violence or a white person who's been told you're a racist no matter what you will not be shamed by me. All types of people are welcome and viewed as individuals with individual problems and experiences. Not a member of a group that shares all traits of all other group members. I am not a licensed therapist. I will not diagnose you with anything. This will be a one on one social support program where we will talk about specific problems instead of compartmentalizing problems into vague and open ended boxes that are left to another person's interpretations. I will post again once I am closer to starting this program, so keep an eye out for updates. I will have to develop agreement and liability forms, get a program synopsis form, and set up the programs financial options before we can begin. #psychology #alternative #helpme #support #different