Did he ever call blm/Antifa taking over a city block, where rapes, shootings and car jackings happened an "INCURSION"? How bout the myriad of city buildings, and blocks that were set ablaze, where business owners were wrecked and left in the shape of a pretzel on the sidewalk?.... Did he ever call dem homeboy 'peaceful protests' "ATTACKS"? He could have made an example of at least one of those RIOTS ...but he didn't. He's also getting ready to pardon some 'select rappers' if you didn't know, cause after all...."blacks built America" dontcha know? Guess who fucking said that shit? You guessed it, God Emperor jew nut licker #Trump.... Trust the fucking plan , and let's make America great again馃 Pathetic #America #JudensAbyssalLadder