Twitter banned fun. It banned the good accounts on the platform who, while edgy, contributed to a worthwhile online experience. With them gone, only toxicity and stupidity remain on the platform. I wonder how long this model can sustain itself before imploding. Will this kill the popularity of social media? For starters, alternative platforms risk attack from web hosting companies, e.g., Parler, and numerous other avenues (the possibilities to take down competition are endless). Assume, however, this doesn't happen. Communities will splinter as people migrate to different platforms. I've witnessed this happen with my own internet circles. Some seek to remain on Twitter only to quit social media once their inevitable ban strikes. Others, and I assume the majority, wish to focus on one platform at the expense of using others. This means that choosing a platform on which to post may be akin to choosing between Playstation and Xbox: you only have enough resources to dedicate to one. Finally, some may find themselves enjoying life without social media and decide to maintain it. Considering the well known detriments social media has on mental health, this possibility looms large. Regardless of what the future brings, I have a feeling that social media has permanently changed after the recent purges. We will see what happens.