None of the words from Donald Trump last week said "break windows and breach the Capitol building and cause damage and assault cops". His saying that the election was stolen (it was, and there's TONS of evidence and examples that prove that, regardless of the braindead denials and gaslighting by the Democrat Media and Politicians and Establishment morons) is NOT illegal, nor is anything else he said. I never voted for Trump because all politicians suck, and the system is corrupt and dirty. But for those who (wrongly) think they're supporting "impeachment" (which is purely and provably a POLITICAL PARTISAN HATEFUL SUBJECTIVE EXERCISE, NOT A LEGAL OR OBJECTIVE ONE, SO IT HAS NO REAL CREDIBILITY ANYWAY) for "truth" reasons, even though TRUMP TECHNICALLY COMMITTED NO ACTUAL CRIMES (regardless of what the lawless mayor of New York City farts) when impeachment of a President is supposed to be IF THERE ARE "HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS"...they're NOT about "truth" or "facts" but only about BUYING THE PROPAGANDA FROM THE DERANGED LEFT AND SOME OF THE BALL-LESS BRAINLESS RIGHT. Trump never explicitly ordered the breaking in to the corrupt Capitol building or assaulting anyone. But just voiced complaints about the much-ignored (but never actually debunked) facts and examples of voter fraud and failure and sworn affidavits and whistleblower testimony of illegal activity in the 2020 Presidential election. And all this anger by the pro-Trump mob was all over the PROVABLY FRAUDULENT "ELECTION" of the pedophile senile babbling extortioner and liar Joe Biden... So instead of blaming Trump for everything, why not blame the fraudsters and cheaters and criminals who trashed ballots and switched ballots and counted dead and out-of-state voters, etc etc?