Within my 10 year tenor on twitter, I was "cancelled" 3 times over the most asinine and petulant reasons! The first back in 2011 over some blackmail shit that someone used against me for firing them when they weren't pulling their weight. So this person made threats about making these photos public unless I re-hired him. When I refused, he leaked out revealing pics of my private life which destroyed my credibility as an artist to where I was forced to change my real name since nobody at the time wanted to hire me. The 2nd time was a year ago. I was ganged up on by a group of ignorant Sonic fans who criticized my work by saying Graphic Designers are plagiarists and arent actual artists. So, in the heat of the moment...I did something rash and stupid. I took other peoples art and said I drew them just to get them to back off. I was eventually caught and then of course virtually stoned off of twitter, even though I apologized to the artists. Some were forgiving, some werent but the point is, I tried to make amends since I was sincerely sorry for my actions. The 3rd time happened 2 WEEKS ago! So after being casted off twitter in early 2020, I jumped on a creative opportunity to redeem myself by doing something positive. There was a campaign on twitter called #Rally4Sally, a movement to get the character Sally Acorn added to official Sonic games since its been in demand for 30 years. Me being a fan of the Archie Comics and SatAM cartoon, wanted to be involved. Not only did I invest 6 months of consistently designing posters and banners, but also spent $1000 of my own cash to make it successful. In fact I paid the original voice actors from the SatAM cartoon including Jaleel White as Sonic himself! This was all done under an alias to protect the integrity of the campaign and so I can work in peace without being harassed. So, on New Years Day, I figured it would be the appropriate time to reveal myself and it backfired HARD! Apparently, the artists who I apologized to from a YEAR ago are stating false claims that I never did and stirring up unnecessary drama. Fortunately, I had documented evidence to prove otherwise but as I was trying to defend my case, I was immediately blocked by these people. This caused another domino effect where my past from 10 YEARS ago was brought up. The embarrassing photos and shit. In otherwords, these people have so much of a grudge against me, that they refuse to let me improve or succeed. Cause my assumption is that If I spent 6 months rebuilding myself under an alias, that by the time of the reveal, the positives would outweigh the negatives. But nope, twitter would prefer to hold on to pretty incidents that shouldve been LONG forgiven and forgotten. Its like being mad at someone for spilling milk on the floor a year after it happened. Who the fuck does that shit? Unleash a hate mob over...THAT? So due to all this drama, I was wrongfully kicked from the campaign after EVERYTHING I did for these for people. They caved in to these aggressive and vindictive trolls and ironically, replaced me with actual toxic people who are currently destroying everything I worked for. My name once again, its being stained for shit that happened YEARS ago and twitter is telling others to not work with me. Logic, humility and absolution doesnt seem to be common traits with these dipshits cause its all victim blaming and creating false narratives that work in their favor instead of viewing the facts. Ignoring of evidence of my efforts and the screencapped evidence of communication only proves that their vicious hatred of me will never subside. Its unfair to condemn an innocent person for eternity over kindergarden tier drama. They honestly classify me as the Hitler of the Sonic community. I mean...Ive never killed anyone, been involved in sex scandals or anything of that nature. I was just a passionate Sonic fans with good intentions, who associated with bad people. My so-called private life isnt even worth dwelling on cause it was the most tamest shit out there. I can save a puppy from a burning building and STILL be discredited cause I did something wrong a LOOOOOONG time ago. And the only questionable thing I ever done in this whole mess, was claiming I drew artwork which I apologized for. But the situation is basically this: "Waaaa, he stole my cookie 10 YEARS AGO, and I wanna be mad about it still!" FUCK THESE PEOPLE AND FUCK TWITTER! For those curious, you can check out all the work I did with the Rally4Sally campaign on the following links. This is includes all the artwork I designed and all the videos I produced with the celebrity VAs: Rally4Sally Art https://www.deviantart.com/rickychip Rally4Sally Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCWEiKk_H-yj8DKc7lpkWoQ/videos Portfolio (general shit I do) https://www.athirstybottle.net