LA Times Goes After Cobrai Kai for Too Much "Whiteness"

A new article from the LA Times claims that Cobra Kai is problematic because of its inherent "whiteness"...the woke left continue to try and steal any sense of joy from the few good products coming out of Hollywood #cobrakai #cobrakaineverdie #censorship #gowokegobroke #bigtechcensorship Donate here: or Here: New Channel: Crypto: Bitcoin: 38DJeVNELLHnoo1tEogba9MnwDYaf8YkQT Ethereum: 0xFfD58ea7545b833749b3373d5F31bC993F950e2e Follow me on Rumble: Become a member today: USE PROMO CODE: odin for 15% off at Displate! Displate: My Website: Mail Me Stuff! Odin's Movie Blog PO Box 4432 Chattanooga, TN 37405 Don't like Patreon but want to support the channel? Donate here! Follow me at: iTunes: SubscribeStar: Patreon: Parler: Twitter: Letterboxd: DLive: Twitch: Official Merchandise: