Yesterday I posted a welcome to people fleeing Twitter and reminded everyone that, like people fleeing blue states for red ones, they need to leave those failed policies behind. I'm not saying we shouldn't work together or believe in freedom for all. I'm saying that "wokeness" is a political tactic that uses our "kindness" against us to over tax individuals and force them to accept ideologies that destroy families (which have been proven again and again to be the main resource in combating poverty, inequality, and so on). One of you replied to my post by asking about legalized pot. It made me laugh because states which have legalized recreational marijuana are the same blue states that are failing and I see a connection being that most of them make you choose between weed and gun rights. They want you to get high, get fat and lazy, and then not be able to defend yourself when your rights are stripped. As George Carlin said, "They're coming for your rights, and they're gonna get 'em."