Everyone needs to understand that this year isn't like a normal election year. We can't just wait another 2 or 4 years to "vote the bums out". These people are going to make it impossible to vote them out. They are going to silence their opponents. They are going to change the rules to make it so only they can "win" the election. They will ignore any rule/law that interferes with their hold on power. Sadly this man is typical of those in positions of power and influence in the country today. They got away with the crime of the century and now think they can get away with anything. They may be right. https://saraacarter.com/pbs-top-lawyer-says-gov-should-build-enlightenment-camps-and-remove-children-from-trump-supporting-homes/?fbclid=IwAR3oOn6mY0L6HTNZJiBzbTyHselJH7Rp6xhK55DfM_atCSiIWQS7QNOJS28