TO ALL IN THE UK AND COMMONWEALTH PLEASE GET CLUED UP Practical Lawful Dissent is a basic Lawful constitutional process. It requires unlearning all the propaganda we have been sold, and relearning from a Commonwealth Common law perspective. Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 is the Commonwealth Rule of Law we stand under. Our process is Lawful and evidenced. It doesn’t change throughout the Commonwealth. Your Oath breaks all contracts including the fraudulently created birth certificate/surname (strawman/legal fiction). It removes your implied consent to the system that uses it fraudulently against you. Under oath of article 61 we have lawful excuse not to comply with that system once under Oath. Your Oath covers yourself and your children up to age 18. All information is provided for free and voluntary at Practical Lawful Dissent Australia NZ UK Canada and Commonwealth Wales Ireland. Also Www.practicallawfuldissent.com Overview of the Practical Lawful Dissent process. 1. Join the PLD group. 2. Read the pinned post, 2nd in Announcements. Read Layman’s guide to Lawful dissent. Find all the documents you need to start in the Units tab. Read the documents, you will find old English and what looks like repetitions however they are for a purpose and applicable to the whole Commonwealth. Learn and Search topics and use the search field. Ask moderators questions. 3. PRINT OUT a. 1 Oath to Self or Baron. Get 3 witnesses. Photocopy. Send photocopy recorded mail to Self or a Baron, and staple receipt to keep as a record, making it undeniable in law. Send a copy of Oath with notice 1 and 4. b. 5 notices for each person you serve. Police Chief. Crown Judge. Council... First notice depends on if you have written signed demands being made on you - See diagram - Process for No Demands and Process for Demands. Send signed witnessed original notice by registered mail and make a copy of every document you send witnessed and postal receipt attached and record confirmation date received. Wait 10-14 days after confirmation of receipt before sending next notice. This allows time for a reply. (Rarely). c. Constitutional Caution Card, (found in protection tools) Learn this as it is your first line of Defence. Display it in/on your car/bike window/ helmet jacket t-shirts. d. Notice of Implied rights of Access.. Post in the main entry of premises. All these documents can be found in Units, Files, Topics and Search on face book. 4. Start the process. Sign and Witness Oath. Photocopy. Keep original. Send copy to self or Baron registered post. Attach proof of post to original for your records. To declare your lawful standing, We serve all 5 notices on every individual see the guidelines and process in the Units section. The forms are all in units with detailed instructions. All 5 Notices need to be sent by registered mail, wait 10/14 days after confirmation received then send next notice all by registered mail until you complete all 5 notices. * We are not asking them for anything. We are telling them that we will not comply with them because they are unlawful. We are informing them of our Lawful Standing and that if they act against us they will be committing high treason. We also report the crime of treason to them. At common law we all have a duty to act if we know that treason has or will be committed. Their failure to act makes them complicit in the crimes we report. We collect the evidence which will the use in their trial by jury of the people at a future date.