100 likes For SEVR-Tech and I'll release the unedited prologue.

This story [SEVR-Tech the Aftermath] is a Grimmdark futuristic tale of the people who are left behind. The creator's and inventor's of SEVR-Tech [Sensory Equivalent Virtual Reality Technology] fled the earth and now everyone wants a piece of what remains. The corporate wars are igniting once more, as smears and fears begin to amass, while the small guild in the *"Openworld VR"* game must run for their very lives. This is an old story I was writing, years ago now. That copy does still exist on RoyalRoadl.com. I have been re-writing it, fleshing it out, to turn it into a paperback light novel. Maybe a fleshed out RPG Campaign setting as well, since that is how it all started. I've expanded it somewhat since then. Creative juices began again after finishing Cyberpunk 2077 and the Shadowrun games on PC. If there is enough interest in this post, and say it reaches 100 likes in 24 hours. I will post the *opening prologue unedited* as it stands now for you all to read. If it goes crazy and reaches 10,000 likes I'll post the first chapter as it currently stands unedited, naked. Grammar, conceptual and spelling error's galore.