If ever there was a time for people who have a relationship with Christ to acknowledge they are in this world, yet not of this world, it is now, for the powers and principalities of evil are making a major move everywhere. Don't look for unity, for this present action will only bring about an even greater separation between the wheat and the tares. Those who call for unity are wanting all to unify with evil. Now is a time to tighten your tent-pegs as you dwell with and trust in YHWH (from the otiot). Keep your relationship strong. We know a time of great persecution is coming and many will fall away and the love of most will grow cold. Steel yourself and set your faith like flint so you don't succumb to the cultural pressures placed upon you. Your neighbors, your family, and your "friends" will all turn against you and you will be handed over to the authorities. Remember that you are under only one authority and you will never be forsaken. #Minds #truth #Trust #Christians