Agreed. The greatest trick the globalists ever played was distracting the American people with the election charade, making them believe it would make a difference. Meanwhile the Great Reset continues at pace. Both candidates are ultimately serving the same agenda. The Republican / Democrat paradigm is a plantation for the mind. They're two sides of the same coin. By fighting for Trump's Presidency people are playing the role that's been written for them. They want you to fight for "Your Guy" while the left fights for "Their Guy". Despite the fact that neither candidate serves the people's interests. It's all ultimately a predictable psyop. 1. Biden is the ridiculous senile Democrat candidate with no popular support who few in their right mind would vote for, except those determined to vote Trump out at all costs. 2. The Mainstream media spent four years smearing Trump to turn him into a polorazing Emmanuel Goldstein figure that the left hates and the right loves. Thus tearing Americans apart, which is a powerful means of destabilising the country. 3. The election is so obviously stolen but because America is split in two neither side can agree on anything. People become further entrenched in their position and tensions rise across the country. 4. A no-win scenario is therefore manufactured whereby if Trump's appeal of the election result is unsuccessful and Biden wins; half of America will not accept the result and civil war becomes inevitable. If Trump wins, the left will not accept the result because they've been brainwashed into believing he's a dictator who must be removed at all costs. Thus civil war becomes inevitable. 5. The impending widespread violence creates the perfect excuse to "bring order to chaos" as an obvious hegalian dialectic is created. The globalists finally get the martial law they wanted in America and freedom dies in the name of reestablishing public safety. 6. With America thrown into a constant state of emergency, The Western World loses its last remaining defence against the march of the New World Order. I believe this was the plan from the beginning.