Bill Gates & The "New World Order" Depopulation Vaccine SCAMDEMIC 2 - Part 2 Of 4 [OFFICIAL RELEASE]

Production Timeline - 25th Dec to 28th Dec 2020 - 150 Mins. Contains - Covidian Warfare Behind The Curtain, a closer look at Empty Testing Centers, Drive Through Testing Centers & Empty Testing Tents including Tier 4 Area's in the UK, Whistleblower Nurse blows whistle on "VIP Patients" while there's a 100% Mortality Rate for all else, "Torture Based" Mind Control, Covidian Police Tactics, Covidian Compliance, Inverted CPR with Occultic Mockery, "Covid" Takes A Holiday, Occulted Covidian Concentration Camps locked into "The Death Race", Part 2 continues introducing knowledge about Law & Jurisdiction getting deeper into the realm of Contract Law, Huge Crowds & Large Police Presences, around 200 clips with custom dynamic music throughout. Countries include Australia, Wales, Ireland, United States Of America, England with locations such as Nottingham, Cwm, Hastings, Hillingdon Station, Victoria and many more.