RIGHT WING VIOLENCE yeah, I said that.

I sure hope the military gets involved and saves us, because if not, things will get violent. Here is why, simply put. We win with violence now. From now on when a bombing, shooting etc. happens, if it was antifa, we win. If it is the right wing, we win. We will support the use of violence because it pushes the only recourse we have at this point. Come to jab me take a shower. They'll of course replace the Jab PoPo with U.N. troops or robots, and we'll shoot them too. Violence will be the ONLY option. And if my dumb ass can figure that out, our military can too. What will they do with that information? When you steal the election away from some 60%+ of the U.S. People and try to usher in communism. Violence will be the recourse. And what can they do to stop it? Take our guns harder? More our loss of rights? Arrest us? Great, then we'll increase the white nationalists in prison, take control of that illegal system and work our way outward. More violence. If they steal the election, there will be violence. HAPPY HOLIDAY CHEER FOLKS, MERRY CHRISTMAS