DISOBEY CHRISTMAS LOCKDOWN ORDERS! - CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS WITH YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS! 12 mins "Josh Sigurdson wishes all of WAM's viewers a Merry Christmas and talks about why it's important people stand up and disobey the lockdown orders restricting individuals from meeting with their family on Christmas day. Even if your family refuses to meet up, meet up instead with friends! If your friends are afraid of going against an unjust mandate... Get new friends! We are really seeing the true character of so many right now and it will be beneficial for us long term. Yes, Christmas is more of a Pagan holiday, but if you disregard that and focus on the important issue at hand... getting together and disobeying as well as celebrating Jesus, the world will be all the better. Now not everyone is religious and that is fine, but it is true to point out that religions worldwide make up a form of moral that more atheistic, communistic countries obviously do not have. That is part of the agenda... To strip away faith in God from people and redirect that faith towards government. It cannot prevail. As some Canadians and Americans who happen to be SJWs complain about people celebrating Christmas because it makes them feel "uncomfortable," remember that even in the middle east in Islamic countries, people celebrate Christmas! Don't allow the state to restrict the most basic of freedoms! Stand up! Resist!" https://www.bitchute.com/video/5FuMshm6r18b/ #worldalternativemedia #coronadeception #propaganda #lockdowns #resist