Petition of Defiance: We will no longer consent or comply to the tyranny of this present GOV unless our demands are met.Please READ, SIGN and SHARE! 1) Count all legal votes and discard all illegal votes. 2) Appoint a Special Prosecutor into all foreign entities related in any way to voting infrastructure. 3) In the States of WI, MI, PA, GA, NV and AZ, order a revote for the November 3rd 2020 election using paper ballots and members of the Military to verify voter ID, secure the paper ballots and conduct the ballot count in full view of the public using monitors and livestreaming feeds. 4) Appoint a Special Prosecutor into the organized racketeering of the Biden Family. 5) Declassify the names of all Americans who had FISA investigations or who were surveilled as a result of their connection to General Michael Flynn and/or Donald J Trump. 6) Declare lockdowns and forced medical mandates to be Unconstitutional. In God We Trust!