~ ~ About proselytizing ... I only respect the christians who respect me as a pagan and don't try to convert me back to christianity! That I cannot accept! I respect other peoples choices, but I don't have to agree in the teachings of religions like christianity, islam or judaism. I disagree them all, but I believe in freedom of thoughts. And to those who try to convert me back to X'tianity ; I left christianity for paganism for a reason! I am not going back to be a sheep! (slave!) Because that is what christianity is, it's mental slavery! (I believe the same is also true regarding all 3 desert religions!) And if people are upset because I am name-calling it this way ; these religions came from the Middle-Eastern desert, that's why I am calling it desert religions, and I don't feeling sorry about saying so! I live in Norway and we have beautiful forests, fjords and mountains, we don't have deserts here! And we don't need it either! So, therefor I don't like desert religions! And it is my right of free choice! Also, pagans don't proselytize! If people wanna turn to paganism, it's their choice! All I do is to post and educate people about Norse & Germanic paganism, and it's up to you only when or if you also want to become a pagan. I can't know that, therefor pagans doesn't proselytize like X'tians do! And we don't believe in everlasting torment punishment in hellfire! Telling a pagan you are gonna burn in hell is as stupid as telling a christian that you are going to Mordor unless you become a pagan! Certainly I am not speaking in that terms. But so many X'tians do, and it's totally ridicilous!