---------PUBLIC NOTICE--------- Millie Weaver! 12 24 2020. Download and share this video! We already know that access to the White House, has been closed off by these radical factions & for what reason! We also know the date, that they plan to move on the White House! It's all detailed, in this video! It has everything the plans, defined, as how & what they are going to do! These Traitors have to be stopped! Prosecuted, & when found guilty of TREASON! They should all Hang for it! They conspired & planed a "Coup" that has Foreign involvement, & militant military elements, that place this Treasonous Operation, in Military Jurisdiction! It's final play will be in Washington, at and near the White House! Jan 3rd through the 6th. Be there if you can, to help stop these traitors! But, do not get in the way of our Military! It will be focused on the areas nearest to the White House & will be active! View from a safe distance! https://youtu.be/SzSLoMGERHo