Bill Cooper Ready to Die, but so what?

WHO POSTED THIS FIRST? Someone posted this on one of my threads. 15:15 Listen just here and this will destroy the "Education/Indoctrination" solution myth. The solution is a stronger society, one that nobody would even attempt to indoctrinate or even educate. One that no other would steal an election from nor try to feed off of it like a parasite. A society so scary that other's will run from it. But deal with it very cautiously. Society is not an individual and it does not need to put it's best face forward, it needs the face of a poker playing fast draw. A face nobody ever wants to cross. Society is a lie, one thing to those on the outside, another completely different thing on it's inside. We forgot that. And apparently, we've forgotten how to fight as well. One thing I'd say he gets wrong, and this is why some gods are stronger than others, is that he believes the line in the sand is whether or not you are willing to die for what you believe. That's one life. If you are willing to kill for what you believe, that can be billions. Art by DONATO GIANCOLA