TRUMP'S ACE UP HIS SLEEVE ( "The God Card" ) ========by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion & Brief Analysis) If you've followed my page even remotely, you already know what I believe is the TRUMP Card or the ACE up his sleeve. Or at least you should know. It's not the Pence Card, it's not the Supreme Court, & it's definitely not our unjust leaders & their many different courts. It's the God Card. I've said from Day One, that our situation would look bleak before the dam would finally break. That breaking point, is what I've repeatedly called "The Knockout Punch." (See My Post: "Our Courage & Bravery Will Be The Sign Of Their Defeat") I have further stated, that by the time all is said & done, everyone will know that our victory came about by Divine Intervention. What will have appeared as impossible, will be the place where God made a way. And this is where we are today. We're at a Red Sea Crossing Moment. Soon, we will cross through and begin our journey to the promised land. Remember, this is an EXODUS Story and an Exodus Moment in America's Timeline. This will play out very similar to the Exodus Narrative - as it already has. (See My Post: "Peace & Goodwill To All" where I break some of this down ) At the time of our Victory, America will once again been seen as United - United as One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty & Justice for all. (See My Post: "A Series Of Fortunate Events" and many others where I lay this out) I wrote ASOFE almost 2 years ago, and my story has not changed one bit, it's only evolved. If you're interested in that post, it's pinned near the TOP of my page. So, why am I so confident about all of this? Because, for the last few years I've been putting my finger on the pulse and doing my best to interpret the Signs of the times. Something anyone with a bit of acumen and keen discernment can do. Unfortunately, many people can't get beyond the dense fog and dark clouds to ever see the light. The darkness has blinded them from seeing the light that is at the end of this tunnel. If you were looking, you would know that all the signs point to the fact that we are winning, not losing. This is why I'm baffled by people who have read my posts and are puzzled that I still believe!!! Of course I still believe, all the "data points" point to a Trump Presidency and a better tomorrow. Believe me, Trump will be 46 and we are headed for better days. The doom & gloomers are going to be very disappointed when they learn that their apocalyptic visions did not materialize. This is not the end, this is a new beginning and a great reset for America. (See My Post, "The American Reset") And I'm not the only one who knows and understands all of this. There are many others including Our President! President Trump completely gets it. In fact, here is a DIRECT QUOTE from 45/46 himself: "I really do believe we have God on our side. ... People say, ‘How do you win?’ You don’t have the media. You have so many things against you' -- and we win. So there has to be something". --------Donald J. Trump So, where are we at in this difficult & trying journey? We're at the point where one believes by something greater -OR- their belief is based on what they see and are told. Only ONE can be right. One clings to the substance of their faith and the other relies solely on the naked eye. Soon, we will know who has been wielding the truth. The doom and gloomers or the one's who have looked beyond the veil and seen the Light Of God at the end of this tunnel. (See My Post: "Beyond the Veil" for more on that) My faith is in God and I've made that crystal clear. I have not changed my position, it's only evolved. ******If you can't find the posts that I've referenced in this blog, I will gladly remind them back to the TOP of my page at someone's request. PEACE #minds #God #GodIsOnOurSide #Victory #Trump46