What would a 964 gen 911 be like if it was made today? Yes the 911 is still being made but it has evolved through the decades, it has grown gotten fatter, faster, bigger and a lot more advanced. With that the basic formula has somewhat changed. 911 is no longer the simple light driver focused machine it once was. Fortunately for us petrolheads, Ruf - a well known German tuner has build a car that is the answer to that question. The car in the picture is actually not a Porsche at all, infact there are probably zero interchangeable parts between it and any 911. The chassis is a carbon tub with lightweight steel front and rear subframes and an integrated rollcage, suspension is double wishbone design with pushrod activated dampers front and rear. Just like the rest of Ruf´s lineup the SCR is also powered by a flat 6 mounted behind the rear wheels, unlike their other models however this engine is actually not made by Porsche but rather in-house by Ruf and is loosely based on the 997 GT3 engine. With just 1250kg (2800lbs) and 510hp from its naturally aspirated 4.0l flat 6 this car can reach 200mph, a heavy right foot and some balls are required for that and they are not included with the car. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 6 speed manual transmission which is the only option for this model. If for some reason 510hp is not enough Ruf also makes the CTR, SCR´s meaner turbocharged brother with 710hp and almost 900Nm (660ft/lbs) of torque, that car is for some reason also 50kg (110lbs) lighter and has top speed 40kph (25mph) higher than the SCR. Since it is Christmas time it would be really nice to find one of these under my Christmas tree, but I guess I´d have to be a ridiculously good boy for Santa to spend 800k on my gift. If you read this far have a nice Christmas and happy holidays :)