This doctor proved that vaccinated children are plagued with illnesses and diseases compared to unvaccinated children. Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler demonstrated with data that unvaccinated children are much healthier on every level. And how did Big Pharma retaliate? They stole his medical license, of course, just 5 days after the vaccinated versus unvaccinated peer-reviewed study was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on November 22, 2020. And that's why the vast majority of doctors are sellouts and puppets of Big Pharma. They learned somewhere along their journey of being indoctrinated at a Big Pharma university that a patient cured is a customer lost. Doctors exist to profit from people's misery. There's no healthcare system but a disease management system. There's no profit in healthy people for the medical mafia. Always remember that it's just as easy to buy a doctor as it is to buy a politician. And just how you should NEVER trust a politician no matter what, you should NEVER trust a doctor. These lowlife Big Pharma doctors spend more years than anyone else in indoctrination centers (schools in doublespeak) receiving instructions from the Rockefellers' Big Pharma on keeping sick people hooked on drugs because a patient cured is a customer lost. They profit from people's misery by selling drugs that treat only the symptoms while keeping the illness. They're drug dealers who sell long-term drugs that are guaranteed to have side-effects that will cripple you in hundreds of ways. "Medical school should be renamed pharma school. Doctors only learn to treat symptoms with drugs while ignoring the cause. Real health won't be found inside a doctor's office." ~ Brandy Vaughan, the former pharma insider who died this month in a mysterious way that's currently being investigated by local police. #DrJamesLyonsWeiler #DrPaulThomas #TheFourthIndustrialRevolution #Scamdemic #Scamdemic2020 Sources: