Yall know I hate this day .... It is the day that my baby brother killed himself! So I am going to try to stay as positive as possible today! And only think of happy thoughts of me and my baby brother growing up together and having a wonderful life! Please everyone, let's keep those of suicide, that have been left behind, in our hearts and our prayers today! My baby brother did come to see me in a dream exactly two months to the day that he died and the first thing that I said to him, was, where are your tattoos? Because my baby brother loved his tattoos and he looked at me and laughed and he said we do not have tattoos in heaven. silly. LOL and I will never forget those words! And I am still mad because I love my tattoos LOL and then we held hands and we walked together into the tunnel! And I don't remember anything after that but the most important thing is, the only Purgatory or Hell there is is what you create, my brother went to heaven and he is just fine! He is watching over me! And I love him very much! It is true that we live forever and we are Eternal and this body is just a flesh suit that we are borrowing as we come to this planet to experience and grow and love! I am going to try to stay in a positive mood today hugs hugs hugs everyone