You are the God inside you. You have the ultimate control over your own destiny, however to comprehend and manifest your lessons, patience, prayer, meditation, empathy, love, and union are emotions that will manifest positive life energy manifestations to become in your reality. Allow me to connect a few dots for you that may be unclear. These interdimensional beings responsible for the child sacrificing obsession the society has been driven to are also the source of where fascism is coming - the Universities. We can visually see the Universities are cults with massive pedophile rings inside of them using Government subsidized programs to perform illegal experiments on millions of lives. The economic and monetary system will adjust to accommodate a population that will need to be more informed and this is where automation will really reduce the cost of living to near zero, which is our goal. Are there population limits? Yes. Are there programs being deployed to reduce the population? Yes. Will these programs stop? Not until the United States has a Yellow Vests Protest like France is going through demanding the rights to fund these programs must be voted for by the local citizens of those regions and not by Congress who is controlled by Government classifications and active operational participation in these programs. Some Senators oversaw school mind control and would visit to witness their creation.