Organic Garage Grocery Store Manager Admits Being A Bigot of The Disabled

For MORE Great Videos: ORGANIC GARAGE is another of many militant stores who think that their policies outweigh the law. The manager of the place admitted that the owner MATT LURIE demands that his staff HARASS and THREATEN customers or he will fire them! ALSO, the manager admitted to being a BIGOT! Discrimination against anyone with any disability is ILLEGAL! ORGANIC GARAGE OAKVILLE 579 Kerr Street Oakville, Ontario L6K 3E1 TEL: 905.849.1648 FAX: 905.849.6593 EMAIL: or ORGANIC GARAGE THORNHILL/VAUGHAN 8020 Bathurst Street Thornhill (Vaughan), Ontario L4J 0B8 TEL: 905.889.3539 FAX: 905.889.8562 EMAIL: or ORGANIC GARAGE TORONTO 43 Junction Road Toronto, Ontario M6N 1B5 TEL: 416.761.1500 FAX: 416.761.7530 EMAIL: or ORGANIC GARAGE TORONTO 42 Hanna Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X1 TEL: 647.426.0011 EMAIL: Time for a boycott I Think!