A lot of Republicans are pissed at Trump. I get it. They are trying to be fiscally responsible. The nation can't afford this package. However they're missing a key point he made. He did say raise the price of the package, he said eliminate the wasteful spending in the package and give that money to the American people. So instead of being pissed at. Trump eliminate things like 82 billion dollars for colleges, boom more then pays for every American to get 2000 dollars, and lowers the price of the package, now you can eliminate other shitty spending in the package and keep lowering the price tag, like 10 million to Pakistan for gender studies or 1.5 million to study lizards on treadmills..... I wish that last sentence was an exaggeration. It is not. It is actually in that damn package. They would rather study a lizard on a treadmill then give us more then 600 dollars. This is why today I'm thanking President Trump