The WHO is an organised crime organisation. Does anyone who is not a #LInIn (#LowInformationIndividual) - i.e. MSM consumer - think differently? Anyway, all this is meaningless, because viruses/bacteria do not cause disease. Viruses/bacteria ARE an integral and essential part of our immune system (see link at bottom). There is NO SUCH THING AS HERD IMMUNITY. It's (another) fraud, which mainstream medicine is full of. Oh, and ICYMI, the clown shown in the image, is not a medical doctor, he's a criminal ... owned by another criminal - Gates. See more at link below. WHO changes its definition of ‘herd immunity,’ making widespread vaccination essential "GENEVA, Switzerland, December 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its definition of “herd immunity,” redefining the term as something only achievable when the “vast majority of a population are vaccinated.” It was recently discovered that the WHO changed this definition, suppressing the fact that immunity happens as a natural process in populations as individuals are infected and develop immunity to a particular virus. Such “herd immunity” can, potentially, be assisted by a vaccine but is not dependent upon it ... " See also: Germ Theory Debunking Project THE CRIMES OF TEDROS ADHANOM