If consciousness is a living system, with a memory, beyond the living, than we have but to tap this awareness. If consciousness and the experience is truly alive, it is everything we have known, beyond our planets intelligence. For us to be consciousness is not only a privilege, but a responsibility. For we are the living component of our elders. They are signaling us to release the boundary of our belief structures, and embrace the reality we are creating together. In an instant we can rewrite the human condition. The only action we must undertake is becoming what we already are. For when we decide that this illusion has run its course, has become to mean and destructive, and does not represent how we choose to see each other, in that moment alone we become our own cure. If consciousness is the foundation of being alive, and the physical world emerges from this, than its us who will craft a new dream of reality. Its us that will reject the beliefs disposed upon us, and instantly and forever change the course of Human History. I Love You-