THE HYPOCRISY SCARF SPEAKS..WILL YOU LISTEN? NEW TINA TOON They tell you to wear a face mask inside your own home…yet California Gov. Newsom dines maskless at expensive restaurants . They fine and arrest you if you refuse to close your hair salon…Yet Pelosi gets her hair done in a closed salon without wearing a face mask. They tell you not to travel and stay home…yet the Mayor of Austin can travel to sunny Mexico for a vacation. And now Dr. Deborah Birx , member of the Covid-19 task force, who scolds us not to gather with our families during the holidays, has a three generation Brix family gathering with no face masks or social distancing. —Tina UPDATE: Brix plans to retire after overwhelming backlash to her holiday gathering...don't let your scarf get caught in the door as it slams!