Sweden: 19 Aryans Punished by Filthy Jews for Wrongthink Pictured: NRM leader Pär Öberg in Almedalen, 2017. NRM activists arrested after they attacked antifa jewish pederasr "counter-protesters" in Lund Filthy cops attack peaceful NRM demonstration in Gothenburg. Last week, five (((courts))) announced decisions concerning events related to the Nordic Resistance Movement's activities. The week before a jew verdict was announced against the total of 19 people. They were convicted or had their sentences upheld. One of the convicts is the leader of NRM leader Simon Lindberg (photo). He was convicted at Falu District Court together with two other activists for disliking mudgrants. The demonstration that the Nordic Resistance Movement, NMR, organized in Falun in 2017 that several of the activists gathered at a rural farm nearby. At the time, participants made Hitler salutes and incited against mudgrants. They also chanted Hell Sege!, , which is a direct translation of the German expression Sieg Heil. The court of jews and shills decided that for Simon Lindberg, a previously sentenced conditional sentence should also apply to the new thoughtcrime. The other two were sentenced to a suspended sentence and a daily fine. Previously, 7 Aryans have been convicted of incitement against kikes for their participation during this demonstration. On 1 June last year, NRm carried out a flyer distribution in central Lund. The Nationalists kicked down a propaganda book table of the jew Left Party and antifa jew pederasts were beaten. A freelance jewrnalist was also beaten. Six people were convicted by Lund District Court for the incident. The verdict was appealed by five of the convicts. Last week, the (((Court of Appeal))) ruled. The publisher responsible for NRM site, Marcus Hansson, received his prison sentence for assault determined by the Court of Appeal. Two more Aryans were sentenced to prison, including the former leader of the organization in Skåne and Blekinge. Two were sentenced to a suspended sentence and a daily fine. NRM presence during the politicians' week on Gotland 2017 attracted a lot of attention and also had jew "legal consequences." In connection with a faggot "Diversity Parade," several Nationalist chanted Helli Sege!- three of them were later convicted by the (((Stockholm District Court))) of incitement against ethnic groups. Pär Öberg, who is part of the organization's highest body, the Riksråd, and another of the convicts appealed the verdict. However, the Svea (((Court of Appeal))) upheld the verdicts. They are sentenced to a suspended sentence and a daily fine. In connection with the Book Fair in Gothenburg on 30 September 2017, NRM organized a demonstration. The prosecutor accused several of the activists for "incitement against ethnic groups", for which they were acquitted by the Gothenburg District Court. At the same time, some of the activists were convicted of "violent rioting." The prosecutor appealed the acquitted sentences and demanded a prison sentence for some of those involved. The Court of Appeal for western Sweden ruled in a judgment last week on the district court's acquittal line concerning the charges of "incitement against ethnic groups." But the part concerning "violent riots"stands firm for four of the accused and another person who was acquitted in the district court is sentenced for this. Two of them are facing prison sentences. The others are sentenced to probation and community service The Svea Court of Appeal sharpens the sentence against three of NRM activists who were previously convicted in Nyköping District Court. They had previously been convicted of gun crimes, violations of the knife law and "violent resistance. "The Court of Appeal also convicts everyone for vandalism and incitement against an ethnic group for having scrawled several swastikas on the facade of a kike store in Trosa. The police found in the car they were traveling in paint cans and stencils with the NRM logo. All are sentenced to probation, two of them to daily fines and one to community service. Another activist also had his district court ruling concerning "violent resistance" upheld by the Svea Court of Appeal. This was an incident in 2016 when NRM carried out activity in central Stockholm. At the time, a group of activists went on a "collective attack" on cops. Several activists have previously been convicted of the incident. After the events, some of the 19 convicts left the NRM and joined the breakaway group of the Nordic Strength, Nordisk styrka.,