12.21.20 What kind of FUCKING BULLSHIT IS THIS??? This wrinkled old cunt, fucks around with helping U.S. citizens, plays games with a stimulus package for CITIZENS...then, THEN actually admits that it was POLITICAL because Trump was in office...What are we CHESS PIECES! Then to ad insult to injury, this VODKA SOAKED SEA SPONGE, has 2 BILLION dollars added to the bill for ... fucking AFRICA and ASIA! By the way, you do know CHINA IS ASIA RIGHT??? You know she would not be sending money to Russia, seeing how they "hacked" us right??? (by the way that is bullshit and a cover story, hiding that it was china because the BIDENS are in bed with RED CHINA) What about that business owner in Cali, the one where the MOVIE food tent was set up next to her bar/restaurant...I bet she would have loved to get some of the 2 BILLION! Where is the help for her??? This is why people are saying F U C K Y O U !!!!!! And doing what ever they want!!! We're done with you mother fuckers!!! Fucking 2 BILLION...of our money! Did we get a say in how OUR MONEY IS SPENT???? Fuck this cunt!!! Share this especially at Christmas...people need to know! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/democrats-stimulus-bill-gives-600-suffering-americans-sends-2-billion-africa-asia/