Hi there, coders! I just finished up a 3-part video series on how to implement a Tetris clone in Erlang. Writing the game was fun and explaining how it works was more fun than I expected it to be. Tetris isn't particularly complicated and provides a good medium-sized project example for people curious about games, GUIs, general applications programming and even beginners to Erlang who have not seen a real project to gain familiarity with something non-trivial that works but isn't too intimidating to hack around on yourself learning how to add features. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC3LMP7XRqc&list=PLTqcemlx1GFOIamRNE-v2WSr0q5mShOMl If you have any ideas or suggestions for subjects to cover let me know. Have fun making stuff!