I am an immigrant from Italy. I had dreams to realize like everybody else but Jewish Supremacism killed my freedom, my future and my dreams. After years of sacrifices to get a degree in mathematics and a master and became a certified teacher I was finally reaching my dream of being a teacher! Unfortunately, I criticized Communism in my social media account and so RICHARD CHESS (editor at the Emory University Newspaper The Wheel) wrote an article about me to make it impossible for me to work as a teacher anywhere in the United States. RICHARD CHESS IS A JEW And that is what the Jews do: they dox and punish people if they don't follow their Communist multicultural narrative. I can tell from personal experience: Jewish are SUPREMACISTS in America and all belong to them. A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL JEWISH SUPREMACISTS FOR CRUSHING MY FUTURE. ❤ https://www.bitchute.com/video/fuVlO3r8aCJE/