Syd Barrett, Dan Treacy, Dr Frank, Vista Blue... and my stupid big blue toy ring: Matt over on FB posted this pic of the imprint of the Show Business Is My Life CD along with a link to Vista Blue's "I Don't Know Where Dr Frank Lives." Forgot this pic was in there -- it was one of those taken by Jennifer Kaufman on the set of the "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba" video and used variously ever since. That's a great big gumball machine ring I used to wear sarcastically back then, sort parody rock star style. I say "sarcastically" but then again, I wore it continually for a couple of years, and there's a fine line. The song steps off from my song "I Don't Know Where Dan Treacy Lives," which steps off on the Television Personalities song "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" -- all we need now is a Vista Blue fan to do the next installment, and I'm still waiting. TVPs: MTX: Vista Blue: Just a thing that came up today. #music #songs #minds