Here is the thing...CAN ANYONE REALLY TAKE THIS COVID AS A SERIOUS MASS KILLER? I don't think it is anywhere as deadly or dangerous as any of these doomsayer's say it is, and here is why... There is absolutely NO uniformed protocol for dealing with it. There are differences between GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES (state level, local level, county level, etc.) in my state of Ohio (I imagine all states) on "self quarantine time" if someone has come in contact with a positive person; do the drugs, don't do the drugs; amount of time you can be at someones house (2 hours or less is safe, 4 hours or less is safe), number of people is safe like 5 and under, or 10 and under...etc. Earlier this week, a priest at my church tested positive, now the other priests must self quarantine for 14 days! However,....2 days later a friend's son tested positive. (11.17.20) HER SON LIVES WITH THEM! She called off the next day, but then was told she is allowed come back to work, she just needs to wear the mask for a couple weeks. SHE WORKS AT CITY HALL!!! It was the fire chief that made this decision, he somehow is "acting medical advisor" for the city!?!?!?! So some people have to quarantine for 14 days, and other do not...SAME STATE, SAME CITY, LITERALLY 1 MILE APART!!! Does this make seance? This is why I KNOW it is all BULLSHIT! That it is not serious, it is not deadly, and it is not highly contagious! Because if it was, believe me, they would all have the SAME GAME PLAN, and they don't! Think bout it...if we were having something serious, like an EBOLA outbreak in the U.S., there would be a PROTOCOL and everyone would be following the same one, not making up their own as they go!!! Remember back when you were in school, or if you have kids in school, how the schools act, when you or your kids have PINK EYE? Pink eye is NOT deadly, but yet they freak out and send the kid home! There is a PROTOCOL, the same one, but there no same protocol for covid, something so deadly!!! Why do you think they want us to stay home? Because we TALK. They do not want us to get together and talk about things like this because it makes people think, and then question. My story here in Ohio does not mean anything to someone in a different state, but YOU, in a different state, experienced something similar, but maybe never even thought about it, but now you, do after reading this. And when you see friends and family, your going to talk, and things like this will come up. It is NOT just about covid, it is also about the election...people bring there "PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER" and it fills in gaps that others have, and then that is when we catch them in lies and games. Think about the whole 6 FOOT rule with covid. It has nothing to do with covid...it was 6 FEET so inspectors could not read the MAIL IN BALLOTS during the election! There is even VOICE RECORDINGS from trainees for the elections being told how to keep inspectors away so they can not read the ballots, by using the 6 FEET rule, and to be under 6 feet with their back to a wall, so the inspector can not be behind them! Much harder to read something upside down from 6+ feet then from 6 feet behind someone reading it right-side up! So, please REMIND THIS, so others can help spread this info...it is what they DO NOT want us to do...so let's do it! Copy the whole post with the link, E-MAIL it to friends and family, show it to your kids, let them spread the info to their friends....make this spread like AMWAY gets new people!!! Thanksgiving is only 5 days away, so time is wasting!!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/FRFQifz9Tp4/