11.21.20 HOLY FUCKING SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theory no more, now IT IS CONSPIRACY! Time code 3:40!!!!! And go watch it NOW, because it is on youtube, so no telling how long it will be before youtube takes the video down!!! Sindey Powell says they have info, that a person in the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE that has been on the internet with BERNIE SANDERS and AOC, instructing people how to COMMIT SABOTAGE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICES WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT and there were a COUPLE HUNDRED PEOPLE ON THE CALL!!! (probably a zoom call) Conspiracy and TREASON...do not forget these are people who took the OATH OF OFFICE and they are LITERALLY COMMITTING A COUP....THAT IS LITERALLY WHAT TREASON IS!!! Share this with EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! People must know!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW69YMFdjnc