THE FEARLESS & FAITHFUL REMNANT ( The Walls of Tyranny Are Coming Down! ) =====by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion & Rallying Cry) The Covid19 Shamdemic was executed to demobilize the Populist American Patriot movement. It was meant to place people in a perpetual state of fear, whether by the fear of covid or the fear of a harsh reprisal, including the fear of heavy citations or jail time. Either way can be effective. In fact, it has successfully worked on the majority of American people. But the elite never expected that a remnant would remain. They never expected us to weather the storm and organize! Surprise globalists, your end is near! This fearless remnant will do whatever it takes to take our country back! We're not fearful of Covid or the persecution or the criticism that will follow. We care only about the truth and this great Nation. Before it's all said and done, it will be the remnant from within the populist movement that will RISE UP and re-mobilze the troops! Soon, we will all join together in One of the Greatest "United Stands" that the world has ever seen. Hand in Hand & Heart to Heart. And I don't say that lightly either. For the longest time, I've been wanting to lay this out in Part 5 of "The Coming Storm" Series, but I have yet to find the time. Believe me, there is much more to it than what I've briefly laid out here. Hopefully I'll get the free time to write part five. But regardless, Our United Stand is coming! In fact, it's already here to some degree. Never forget - Our United Stand is 100% Non-Violent, but it will be incredibly forceful and will most likely require Civil Disobedience. I'm all in and 100% on board. I'm more than ready to break out the Dual Bullhorns. Are you ready for what is coming and what has to be done? The time to prepare for action is now. For it is out of these Dense Dark Clouds that have descended upon our nation and out of our fiery trial - that freedom will come marching in! So let us march until the walls of tyranny come tumbling down! I SALUTE THE C0UNTLESS NUMBER OF PEACEFUL WARRIORS #minds #tyranny #covid #freedom #stopthesteal